A couple of posts earlier I’d shown a thumbnail of the first re-workings of my homepage. The basic layout – header and logo, sub-pages left aligned at the top, “about” section down the right hand side. So sticking with that layout but adding the changes to the header I went from this…Web Homepage Second Draft

To this. I do prefer the colour header but I’m worried about the title, it’s less discernible as black-on-colour than as white-on-monochrome. Web Homepage third Draft3

So I started trialing different fonts, personally I much prefer serif fonts but I know that they can be troublesome when used on websites. I found this pretty interesting article on serif and sans serif fonts…http://alexpoole.info/blog/which-are-more-legible-serif-or-sans-serif-typefaces/

Interesting if you like that sort of thing, which incidentally I do.

I’m finding it hard to find a sans/serif hybrid that works well on screen, so I’ve had to settle on a bold arial narrow, which I think helps eliminate the readability issue of earlier but keeps a similar font to my original choice.Web Homepage third Draft1 part two

I started to put together the rest of my homepage. I wanted the homepage to be sort of a taster for the what the site offers. SO maybe a couple of examples of the comparisons made in further pages? Or just a few photos. THIS was my first attempt at that idea.

Web Homepage Second Draft3

Only I was worried this looked too much like the rest of the site, the homepage should be something different entirely, and, in my opinion, simple. So then I changed it to one large image with two thumbnails (to allow the viewer to toggle between old and new) but again I felt this was too much like my original ideas for the sub-pages.

Web Homepage third Draft

I finally decided that simple was best and I should just stick with one photo for the homepage, the header has lots of small photos and works as a taster for the rest of the site. I went with the Guildhall/Abbey image because it’s one of my favourites and isn’t just a big Bath Abbey photo.Web Homepage third Draft2

Next I felt that the placement of the “about” text and the image needed some tweaking, I think the photo might be a bit big and I want it all slightly more left-aligned. So THIS is my final tweaked homepage design.Web Homepage third Draft2 part two